Lessons from the Earth – An Eco-Film

I had the opportunity to make a film about a village in Chittoor District in Andhra Pradesh. Diguvapalem is a small village consisting of about 25-30 families. The documentary I made revolves around G Nanda Kumar, who is a young 22 year old boy who has taken up organic farming, afforestation and has even started a Learning Centre for the children and youth of Diguvapalem.

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Anti-Colonial music from Aboriginal lands

Dispossessed’s music comes at you like a raging bull. The fierce vocals and merciless riffs lift you off your feet. The young and angry musicians are described by Vice as “…the most Uncompromising, Unapologetic and Important Band in Australia.” The reason being, they voice their anti-colonial, anti-capitalist and anti-white supremacist views fearlessly. The band comprises […]

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Exploring Sylvia Plath’s Mindscape through Ted Hughes’s “Red”

(Image Source: http://culture.affinitymagazine.us/sylvia-plath-claims-abuse-by-ted-hughes-in-soon-to-be-published-unseen-letters/) Ted Hughes’s poetry often embodies the raw state of violence in the natural world. Most of his poems revolve around nature and are concerned with the struggle for survival in an animalistic world. For instance in his poem Pike, violence is not thrust upon the reader but is subtly suggested in a […]

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Birding in the Garden

Birding in the Garden   Birding in the Garden   It was a normal afternoon at Rishi Valley. Fairly hot and buzzing with bird activity. The Yellow-billed Babblers were really coming in strong. Around 7-8 appeared, fresh with fervent gossip. They first sat on the lemon tree near the bird-bath and made sure the coast […]

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Jim Morrison’s ‘The Ghost Song’ in the Light of Surrealism, Existentialism, Absurdism, and Sigmund Freud

  Image source: (https://jimmorrisonbiography.wordpress.com/jim-and-the-doors-pictures/.)   To step into the world of James Douglas Morrison (Jim Morrison), and attempt a psychoanalytical study of his poetry would mean diving into a dimension defined by lucid images, mostly lewd and obscene but also rich in allusions and description. They provide a visual treat, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes existential and […]

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Dead Leaves

You still remember the scent of crushed leaves basking in the mud, the sun choking out their water. The inviting aroma of dead leaves would anchor itself in the air of a hot, sunny day. It was the time of farewells and goodbyes, tears and nostalgia for a past that could not be undone. At […]

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torn black streets echo in grey clouds under a blue sky. cemented high rises curtains to a crowded audience. rubber spines of beggars bent under the heavy sun. slow shutter speed many faces trapped in an obscure plot.

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