Birding in the Garden

Birding in the Garden   Birding in the Garden   It was a normal afternoon at Rishi Valley. Fairly hot and buzzing with bird activity. The Yellow-billed Babblers were really coming in strong. Around 7-8 appeared, fresh with fervent gossip. They first sat on the lemon tree near the bird-bath and made sure the coast […]

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The Kill

​It  was  a  dream.  Taqib dreamt.    Dusk   in   Madras   was   always   a   calm   affair.    The    streets  were    jammed   with   sheets   of    sunlight.  There    were    a   few    clouds   in   the    sky.    Darkish  clouds.  An    evening perfect  for    murder.

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On  the  seat  adjacent  to ours, my gaze  fell  and comfortably rested  upon an attractive  lady.

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